03 – What to do When You Become Impatient with God

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Excerpt 1: Do You Get Impatient With God?

  1. “Fret not” means “do not get heated.” Have you ever lost your cool because of evil in this world?  Have you ever gotten mad at God for not dealing with evil? How often has “impatience” been part of your fretfulness?
  2. Faith has three elements: notitia or “content,” assensus which is “personal agreement/consent to that content,” and fiducia which is “committing oneself to that content” or “trusting the content.” True biblical faith is active obedience to God’s Word. Why should faith keep us from fretting?
  3. Can you name any “junk” in your life that you wish God would remove but you are starting to think God sees it as valuable “treasure” that He is using to mold you into the image of Jesus?

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Excerpt 2: What to do when you are impatient with God

  1. How many times can you find in the Bible God commanding His children to not be anxious (not worry, etc.)?
  2. In what ways are you currently “being still before the Lord and waiting patiently for Him”?

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Excerpt 3: Waiting on the Lord

  1. What causes you the most impatience in your life?
  2. If every time someone did something evil God punished him or her, would this world really be better?
  3. Ask God to teach you to have His patience and longsuffering.  Draw closer to Him this week and discover why He is so merciful.