02 – Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

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[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 1: Unsociable Media

  1. Read Hebrews 11:14; Jude 11
  2. How does the Bible define “the way of Cain”?
  3. What words/synonyms would you use to describe Cain’s attitude? (e.g. obstinate, ostentatious, self-centered)
  4. Pastor Jason said, “Usually my aim in using social media is to post things in such a way that another person is able to click in and click out quickly, with maximum benefit to their souls.” What is your aim when using social media?

[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 2: The Second Great Commandment

  1. What is the Bible teaching you in 1 John 3:11-18 and 1 John 4:20-21?
  2. How did Cain break both the first and second great commandments (Matt 22:37-39)?
  3. In what ways can you measure your success at keeping these two commandments?

[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 3: Whose Blood Cries Out Because of You?

  1. Why do you think God has designed us all to be responsible for and to each other?
  2. In this text, God is the evangelist, investigator, interrogator, and prosecutor. What does this say about God’s personal involvement in our lives?
  3. What wisdom do you gain from the story of Cain and Abel?
  4. Make a list of the people in your life that you know that you influence everyday. Ask God to help you bless them.