02 – The Gospel of Mark

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[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 1: Is there an answer for the world’s problems?

  1. John Knox once pleaded with God, “Give me Scotland or I die.” How does such a passion for lost souls compare with the goals and programs of many modern-day churches? How much a part of your life is concern for reaching the lost?
  2. The power and authority of Jesus are made clear in the opening chapters of Mark. In what areas of you life do you need the powerful and compassionate touch of Christ today?

[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 2: Is there a God who cares?

  1. Churches commonly employ creative practices, novel techniques, or flashy gimmicks to attract attention, entice visitors, and launch new ministries. Which of these strategies do you view as worldly and inappropriate? Which are merely wise ways to get the message of the gospel out to a broader audience?
  2. List your pastor(s), and any other Bible teachers, who minister to you. Pray extra for them this week, that they would communicate God’s truth faithfully, clearly, and effectively.

[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 3: Jesus cares and has done something about it.

  1. Have you ever doubted God’s love? What does Mark’s gospel teach us about God’s love for us?
  2. Examine Mark’s gospel for the many ways that the humanity of Jesus is revealed. Consider how important it is to our salvation that God became an actual human and immersed himself in our world.
  3. Where do you need Christ’s powerful touch today? Write a prayer of praise and conclude it by trusting God to do the impossible in your situation.

[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 4: Why does God allow evil in the world?

  1. In what specific ways would today (or tomorrow) be different if you lived each moment in a conscious awareness of the fact that Jesus Christ is not only alive but present with you?
  2. How can you, in practical ways, show your gratitude to God today for sending His Son, Jesus, to dies on the cross for your sins?
  3. Have you repented of your sins and asked Jesus Christ to forgive you and make you one of His disciples?