03 – What Will We Be Like in Eternity?

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[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 1: Common Questions About Our Eternal Bodies

  1. If you polled your neighbors (up and down your street) regarding their views of the afterlife, what sort of opinions do you think you’d uncover?

[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 2: The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ

  1. Why is it important that Jesus became fully human (while remaining fully divine) in His incarnation?
  2. Why is it important that Jesus resurrected with the same human body that died?

[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 3: What Kind of Bodies Will We Have in Eternity?

  1. How does 1 Corinthians 15 prove that Christians will be bodily resurrected?
  2. What are other Scriptures that teach about the resurrection of the saints?
  3. How can the truth of this chapter bring comfort and hope to the heart of someone who has lost a believing loved one?

[two-thirds first]

Excerpt 4: Christians Become Greater After Death

  1. In what ways has the resurrected life of Christ already given you new life?
  2. How does the anticipation of the Second Coming of Christ impact your daily living?
  3. How can the doctrine of the resurrection impact one’s witness to unbelievers?