01 – Keep It Simple

[two-thirds first]

Keep It Simple

THE WORLD IS ______________________________

______________ KEPT IT SIMPLE
Matthew 22:15-40

NOT ­______________, BUT SIMPLE

___________________ KILLS!

“Church can become another burden on a busy calendar rather than a radical, counter-culture that is producing disciples of Jesus Christ.”
– Jason Robertson

Murrieta Valley Church has a straightforward, simple, strategic process for making disciples, which moves people through the stages of spiritual growth with clarity, alignment, and focus.

Making Disciples

Growth Group Homework

For the week of October 6, 2013


1. If you had no responsibilities next Saturday and could spend the day exactly as you wish, what would your day look like?


1. God’s Great Commission to us is to glorify Him upon this earth by multiplying and filling the earth with worshippers of God.  This Great Commission has been repeated throughout Scripture.  Read the following examples and consider how each one expresses God’s purpose for His people: Genesis 1:27; Genesis 12:1-3; Psalm 67:1-7; Matthew 28:19-20

2. Pastor Jason mentioned that churches could become so cluttered with activities that they become ineffective in making disciples.  In Mark 11:15-17, Jesus became so enraged by the distracting clutter in the Temple that he tipped over the tables and ran the people out.  How have churches in our generation become so cluttered that people have a difficult time encountering the simple powerful message of Christ?

3. What do you believe is essential in churches for making disciples? Explain. (Examples may include: worship, Bible study, etc.)


1. Looking back on this week’s sermon and Growth Group study, what’s the most important thing to remember?

2. Do you have any prayer request that you would like to share with the group?