Video 9: Lesson 8 “Care Along the Journey”

Care Along the Journey: Pastoral Leadership

Page 52 in your study guide.

We have explored how the journey of the Christian life is not to be merely an individual one, but a journey we undertake with others. We are not self-sufficient, independent creatures, but we need the help and blessing that comes from relationships with other believers in the context of the local church. In addition to the normal relationships with others in the church, God provides another essential means of grace for our lives: the leadership and care that comes from pastoral ministry.

To enable the building of His church and the extension of the gospel, God has appointed leaders within the local church. All too often, deficiencies in the church regarding the importance of leadership and the biblical role of pastors have sentenced congregations to immaturity and aimlessness. God’s desire, however, is for churches to experience the maturity, stability, and fruitfulness that result when leadership and care are extended by gifted leaders with proven character. In this lesson, Pastor Stacy will explore the biblical mandate for, and strategic importance of, pastoral leadership—God’s provision for all of us to experience “care along the journey.”

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