Video 8: Lesson 7 “Partcipating In The Journey”

Participating in the Journey: Servanthood and Stewardship

Page 44 in your study guide.

One of the realities of Christian existence is that we now belong to Another (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). All that we are and all that we have now belong to God. Of course, everything that we are and have — our personality, in- tellect, gifts, abilities, opportunities, possessions — has been given to us by God anyway (1 Corinthians 4:7)! Conversion simply gives the believer the opportunity to offer all of this back to God for His glory and for our eter- nal good.

A common metaphor in Jesus’ parables is that of the servant — we are not called to be great as our culture defines greatness, but to serve faithfully. The words we long to hear on that final day are “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Such is the nature of the Christian life: serving is not something we do on occasion — it is a way of life. The Christian journey is not one of observation, but participation. In this lesson Phil Blackley will explore two of the primary ways we are called to participate in this journey: through servanthood and stewardship (i.e. the faithful use of our resources) within the context of the local church.


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