Video 5: Lesson 4 “Sound Doctrine”

Understanding the Journey: The Importance of Sound Doctrine

Turn to page 24 in your study guide.

The Christian life is not meant to be an aimless wandering; it is not a journey without meaning. God intends for us to understand who He is, how we are to relate to Him, and how we are to understand our lives and the world in which we live. In short, we need God’s take on reality. To this end, He has graciously given to us His word, the Bible.

The Scriptures are God’s revelation of Himself and His purposes. The Bible is, therefore, essential to our lives, our spiritual well-being, our knowledge of God, and our growth in godliness. In this lesson, we will examine this most critical component to the Christian life. How is God’s truth to function in our lives? Is it really important to grow in our understanding of doctrine? Isn’t simply “loving Jesus” enough? We must answer such questions before we will be prepared to truly “understand the journey” to which God has called us.

Enjoy the video.

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